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The Swedes made their settlement along creeks and traveled by water.

By the 1660s the Swedes had established farms and a grist mill along the Frankford Creek.

There was daily coach service from Philadelphia to New York by 1756. The grist mill, constructed by the Swedes, was still in operation. The German farmers established a Church at Frankford and Church Streets in 1770.

Replaced the Swedish Grist Mill built in the same vicinity in the 1660's. Frankford Avenue and Orthodox Street looking west toward Central Methodist Church. Before the Europeans arrived, Frankford was home to the Taconick Indians, a tribe of the Lenni Lenape.

The land purchase was known as the Manor of Frank, from which Frankford derives it name. Penn requested that Fairman establish a meeting in Frankford.

The principal purchasers of land in the Manor of Frank were Thomas Fairman, Henry Waddy, Robert Adam, and Thomas Seary. The first meeting was held at the home of Sarah Seary on July 3, 1683.

The Jolly Post Inn on the Frankford Road remained an important stop on the road between Philadelphia and New York for 150 years.

Members of the Continental Congress traveling from New England to Philadelphia conducted a secret meeting at the Inn to determine how to approach the idea of independence with their more conservative southern neighbors.

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  1. The railway records include administrative and staff records and timetables; and there are canal administrative records (records relating to some navigations are held in other collections in the PRO).