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The standard rules apply when starting an online relationship.When you are in an Asian country, your Caucasian looks will stand out. In Kazakhstan, with Germans and Russians and probably a whole lot of other races mixed in, you will hardly be noticeable. Also, being Muslim, albeit not strict, it will be against their usual traditions for a young lady to be seen chasing after a man, or hunting him in coffee shops.It benefits nicely with a coastline on the Caspian Sea.

The two big countries of Russia and China make up Kazakhstan’s border.It’ a poor country so don’t flash your money around, but buying flowers or a small gift will rack up the brownie points.As we already mentioned you can expect to find a really surprising mix of dark-haired and blonde women in Kazakhstan, but it doesn’t end there.Women here also aren’t bothered by age differences, so even if there’s a big age gap between you and your girlfriend here you’ll find that most Kazakh women won’t care.The country of Kazakhstan is set in the middle of a lot of other ‘stans’.

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