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In late 1989, Mary Jane Elliott and I began talking about organizing a team to play lacrosse in the spring of 1990.In January of 1990, 24 seventh and eighth boys, all students at Wilmington Friends signed on to play. Their first coach was a red-shirted soph player from the University of Delaware, named Sean O’Sullivan. du Pont Middle School and played teams from the Unionville and Upland Country Day programs. And when we ran out of funds, I made pinnies from old drapery fabric.Players on this team included: Chris Rowland, Chris Newlin, Ed Swiatek, Mike Spiker, Drew Searl, Geoff Trench, John Wilkinson, Jeff Jordan, David Fotte, Ted Annos, Hamilton Pollard, Kiatii Harmon, Drew Pacinelli and Jamie Lassman.There were a number of players from these first two years who went on to play in college: Scott Elliott/Amherst, Chris Rowland/Dartmouth, Drew Searl/Syracuse, John Wilkinson/Cornell, David Foote/Roanoke, Ed Swiatek/Western Maryland, Hamilton Pollard/Penn State and Jeff Trench/Shanandoah College. Paul Kutyfaris, a recent Penn State grad, coached the 7/8th grade team.

Last-minute donations can be made today at the KTW office, 1365B Dalhousie Dr., between 8 a.m.

Unfortunately, during this particular game, Chris Newlin’s arm was badly broken.

Drew Searl’s dad, a medic during Vietnam, rushed to Chris who was going into shock, while an ambulance was called --- Chris recovered and went on to play for his very strong Tatnall HS team the following year.

It would be epic if you used the Time-based One-time Password (TOTP) algorithm specified in RFC 6238(https://org/html/rfc6238) so it would work with Google Authenticator app for just about every mobile platform. However, since there have been a number of comments regarding the priority of this issue, and to avoid further confusion, I've adjusted the priority to better reflect our internal priority.

How long does Atlasssian need to address an issue that every single responsible web services company has addressed years ago.

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