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Yet if I said that my small company only hires and interviews male engineers, I'm pretty sure people would criticize us for being sexist.

Furthermore, we can look at stats in online dating and compare rates of interracial marriage segmented by race and gender.

Significant power can be obtained by purchasing them on the cloud mining.

One of the largest, considered Lite Mi Hub, which is the automated online investment platform, providing customers with capacity on their servers in different countries.

For some reason, admitting that seems to be a lot more socially acceptable than a man admitting that he doesn't like women with a certain body type. We think we've solved it all (or at least seen the light on what's right and wrong) when it comes to race, gender, religion.

The love industry continues to overflow with innovative love trends with the proliferation of dating sites, relationship therapies, modern romantic songs and boyfriend-girlfriend innovations.

Our research is for companies selling romance products and brands looking for the next-best-thing for Valentine’s Day.

But the most important thing, she says, as she points to her head: “It’s all up here.”Yeah, but that's merely what the woman says she wants.

That doesn't reflect what she might be impulsively attracted to. It's like some of my female Asian friends who say they don't actively exclude Asian guys, yet their dating history pretty much is exclusively white guys (even in cities with plenty of Asian guys).

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