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If I run the vacuum advance from the manifold, should I set the initial advance to produce the most efficient idle, determined by the amount of vacuum present? I will go as far, as to say it depends on the engine/vehicle.You want to plug the line to the vacuum advance when setting the timing. Royce myself i like ported most sbc with much cam likes at least 18* initial and 36* at 3000 unless vortecs and they still like at least 18* initial and 32-34* at 3000 set like that and then adjust pump cams and tune carb Wow, this post is back from the dead. In 2005 I preferred ported but now (7 years later) I found manifold works best for my setup.Each poses a different style, but all have the same hook-and-loop material to make the presentation your own.Why purchase a booth that doesn’t have the flexibility to create your own layout when you can buy one of our exhibition stands?I can tell you the factory used a basic rule of thumb to determine which port the hose was connected to.

I also know that hooking up the vacuum advance to the port on the carburetor will only provide vacuum when the throttle blades are high enough to cover the vacuum port, such as at cruise and part throttle, and will produce little vacuum at idle and WOT.

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""Great tutorial that includes a lot of pictures, a video, and easy to follow written instructions. The total cost will set you back about and this is a relatively small blanket.""Go to Vallieskids blog and scroll down to Nov 26, 2011 comment from KHAdams for enlarging hat.

This blanket is made using 12 balls Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick Quick Bonus Bundle (300g each) in Oatmeal. This made hat a bit too large for me, but I reduced number of increases down in the Round 5 repeat of Round 4 and now hats fits better.""on round 9 10, you chain three, then you work a double crochet into the stitch to the right of the chain three which is also the last stitch you did to finish the round.

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