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So all the arguments between the studio and myself are coming from a positive place.I think studios have changed with their approach towards filmmakers.Obviously, as Americans -- and I can speak for myself and Susan and Joel – there’s sometimes..a bit of an abrupt attitude that we have, like, 'All right, we’re here, let’s get done with the work. We’ll eat later.' And we were very shortly put in check that there’s a more civilized way to operate and that it's nice to put out a little cheese. I’ve taken it forth ever since." LAW: “I loved it, it was great.. The interesting thing about this experience was that it wasn’t the cliché experience between filmmaker and studio. I wanted to make an accessible, broad and what they call a four-quadrant movie.The production design did an amazing job embellishing what was already pretty historic sites. The kernel of the story is a domestic drama, if you like, and you see them still delving and unpicking cases on a cerebral level, but also they’re out and about getting their boots dirty and their knuckles sore. What they wanted was Guy Ritchie-isms, so to speak.So it’s kind of been the perfect segue way to me to have something that’s big and broad, but is essentially English but with only American muscle.” RITCHIE: “You’ll have to ask me that a few days after the film opens, (laughs) but as yet, it’s really the same, I think the same process is involved for a big film as it is for a small film. So I knew I was in good hands and then it was just a matter of getting down to business.Fortunately, I’d spent some time here in England in the late ‘80s, playing Chaplin, and I had a great tutelage in all things British from Lord Attenborough, so I felt like I had definitely passed GO, but definitely felt the onus of, it’s not the fear of the judgment of others, at a certain point it just comes down to, 'Will you meet the standards that people are expecting of you and you expect from them?While director Guy Ritchie, producers Joel Silver, Dan Lin and Susan Downey, screenwriter Lionel Wigram, composer Hans Zimmer and actors Robert Downey, Jr., Jude Law, Kelly Reilly, Mark Strong remain tight-lipped about the magic and mystery that went into making of some of the most jaw-dropping scenes of one of the highest-grossing holiday films of all-time, during a casual December press gathering at London’s Freemasons Hall, the cast and crew were happy to sit around and chat about a number of interesting Holmes tidbits and trivia (Rachel Mc Adams was out sick with the flu).Joking and having a jolly good time, the Holmes' contingent thoughtfully recalled the first time they became aware of Sherlock Holmes, Ritchie explained why he wanted to do the film and if he's now a Hollywood director, Jude Law talked about filming at home in England and Robert Downey, Jr.

John Watson, and their unique pursuit of criminals -- using their amazing powers of observation and remarkable deductive skills.The fictional British sleuth received a major character makeover in director Guy Ritchie's re-imagining of Holmes (Robert Downey, Jr.), in 'Sherlock Holmes' (now on Combo DVD).The cast and crew casually chat about the making of the hit film.Holmes employs his own quirky and unique (albeit at times unconventional), methods to get to the heart of a case, traveling where no one else would think to go to find what others cannot unlike any cinematic tale about the famous sleuth you've seen before.

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