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8 The agreement of material terms date is the date that the target board of directors, or otherwise authorized personnel, approve or authorize the agreement of the parties, except that where no authorization is required, the material terms date is the date the parties execute a binding written agreement that includes all material terms.9 The submission of draft agreements and non-binding purchase offers are not considered a triggering event for either the letter of intent date or the material terms date.Asset acquisitions using a newly created corporation or LLC taxed as a partnership 3.Stock acquisitions with a Section 338(h)(10) election (target is either a subchapter S corporation or subsidiary of a consolidated group) 4.Merger and Acquisition Transaction Costs: Who Gets the Benefit?Prepared by: Nick Gruidl, CPA, MBT Managing Director Washington National Tax RSM Mc Gladrey, Inc Natalie Tucker, CPA, MST Director Washington National Tax RSM Mc Gladrey, Inc Private Equity Funds (PEFs), strategic acquirers and targets incur various costs in merger and acquisition (M&A) transactions.The regulations, in general, provide separate tax treatment for costs incurred before and after the bright line date, but all inherently facilitative costs are subject to capitalization regardless of when incurred.

7 The letter of intent date is the date on which a letter of intent, exclusivity agreement or similar written communication (other than a confidentiality agreement) is executed by representatives of the acquirer and the target.Under Section 263(a), a taxpayer generally must capitalize costs incurred to facilitate certain transactions, whether the transaction consists of a single step or multiple steps, and without regard to whether gain or loss is recognized.1 Facilitative costs are those incurred in the process of investigating or otherwise pursuing a covered transaction.10 Inherently facilitative costs Inherently facilitative costs are subject to capitalization irrespective of the fact that the costs may be incurred before the bright line date. Securing an appraisal, formal written evaluation or fairness opinion related to the transaction 2.Structuring the transaction, including negotiating the structure of the transaction and obtaining tax advice on the structure of the transaction (e.g., obtaining tax advice on the application of Section 368) 3.

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This article focuses on four common transaction structures used in taxable (or partially taxable) M&A transactions: 1.

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