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Even legal protection was of no use for quite awhile.

When important people paid large sums of money to hunt the eagles, often it was the game wardens who led them to the birds!

Used to symbolize royal power, from ancient Egypt to the Roman and Napoleonic empires, eagles have appeared on coins, standards, and weaponry.

The Philippine monkey-eating eagle is well named for its preference for eating monkeys, particularly macaques.

Close to 10% of Filipinos live outside the Philippines.

Eagles have held a special place in the cultures of many civilizations because of their impressive size and beauty.

This ferocious-looking bird stands over 3 feet (1 m) tall and can weigh up to 9 pounds (4 kg) — larger than a golden eagle.

Bluish eyes, a large, sharp, curved beak, and a warlike headdress of spiky feathers, give the Philippine eagle a striking appearance.

How can we promote understanding of raptors’ role in ecosystems?It is estimated that 80 percent of Philippine rain forests have disappeared since the 1970s.The Philippine eagle became a desirable acquisition for zoos and private collectors, beginning in the 1960s.Collectors stole young eagles from nests for sale to the highest bidder.Hunting of and trade in the Philippine eagle are now prohibited.

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