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And whether stores like Wal-Mart Stores will succeed in using integrated brick-and-mortar and online operations to fend off Amazon is an open question.But for now retailers are doing a lot better than investors thought they would. Sears Holdings said on Thursday it has begun selling jump starters, battery chargers, and maintainers under its Die Hard brand on Amazon.com, its latest move to squeeze out whatever value it can from its once dominant brands while its retail business continues to free fall.Retail shares have been rallying over the past month as a result.Diving into various retail categories, pretty much everything looked good.November sales, which capture the first month of the busy holiday season, are crucial for many retailers, so Thursday's report counts as good news.Indeed, in this case the seasonal adjustments the Commerce Department uses to capture the trend in sales may mask how strong the report was for some retailers.

Hudson's Bay Co., which tried unsuccessfully to buy Macy's Inc. The Canadian company, which owns Saks Fifth Avenue and Lord & Taylor, is facing down an activist investor, who is pressuring it to sell assets. Retail legend Mickey Drexler, who admitted in an interview with The Wall Street Journal that he underestimated how technology would upend the industry, stepped down as chief executive of J. Macy's passed the CEO torch to an insider who promised to re-establish its fashion authority and simplify its pricing and promotions. showed it is possible to survive the retail crisis without a strong online presence. And grocers such as Kroger began pushing back at Amazon as well.

It was a year that many retailers would like to forget, with a record number of store closings and bankruptcy filings, as the shift to online shopping sped up. rocked the grocery world by buying Whole Foods Market.

Mall owners scrambled to replace ailing department stores with gyms, movie theaters and restaurants.

The latest bounce -- and subsequent return to earth -- occurred after Sears' third-quarter earnings report showed the department store chain significantly narrowed its losses for the period, reporting a net loss of 8 million, or .19 per share, which was much better than last year's loss of 8 million, or .99 per share.

Adjusted earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization also improved, and Sears noted it was the second consecutive quarter the measure improved by at least 0 million, which it credited to its restructuring plan.

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All this came about even though online retailers also did well.

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