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This reaction is automatic, meaning that we cannot choose whether or not we have it.And since most guys are completely unaware of their emotions (often confusing them with thoughts), they lack the ability to influence the emotions of a woman while interacting with her.Subscribe: Apple Podcasts | Android | RSS “As long as you treat it [getting good with women] like a hobby, you are never going to get good at it” – Dr. David Tian is the founder of the Aura Dating Academy and a top dating coach in Asia, based out of Singapore.His academic background is in Religious Philosophy and Psychology.He suggests that any number of “systems” could help a guy get where he wants to go.

Asians need to learn how to be more social and develop their social intelligence.He holds a Ph D from the University of Michigan and has worked as a professor at the Department of Philosophy at the National University of Singapore.In recent years, David has collaborated with top social and evolutionary psychologists in Asia on empirical research in those fields. David Tian discusses the relationship between neuroscience and a man’s interactions with women, cultivating emotional strength, expressing yourself honestly, the challenges faced by Asian men dating in North America and a wild story about the Chinese mafia, that you won’t want to miss.My passion is Asia–its culture, history, cuisines, and people. Chances are, many other people are in the same predicament. You really need to test out your business concept first.So it was natural that I would start a business in this area. So you shouldn’t think of just starting a business in Asia just for the sake of starting it.

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If I could do things differently, I would pay more attention to marketing. Much of my uniqueness in my field is due to my more academically rigorous approach to the subject matter.

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